New Cal Metals, Inc. is a locally owned metal works company specializing in metal building construction materials and parts: folded, fabricated, welded, machine and human crafted solutions for new construction.

Our advanced machinery allows us to create our wide product line which includes the prolific Vulcan Vent and structural steel and aluminum, from clips to canopies. See more

We make the vent that best helps your house protect itself.

The Vulcan Vent is an advanced, flame and ember resistant house vent that is designed to self-close in response to flame. Visit or contact us today.

An exceptional product with a baffle-free design, fine mesh screen and reactive inner mesh which closes off when exposed to extreme heat, the Vulcan Vent is what you need for your building in the Wildland Urban Interface.

Our hardware solutions are installed in buildings of all sizes across the United States. Some, like our Vulcan Vent, are ingenious solutions for wildfire and ember protection. We are the sole manufacturer of Vulcan Vents, in agreement with Vulcan Technologies.

The magic is in the mesh.

After the major fires of recent years, it’s clear houses will need a greater defense against wildfires and embers where it matters the most: their vents. See more

New Cal Metals, Inc.

Your essential maker of aluminum, copper, and steel building supplies. Structural and ventilation products manufactured locally. We’re located in the town of Loomis, California. Our commitment to conventional and innovative home building materials makes us a regional leader.

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With no baffles to spoil airflow, the Vulcan Vent allows your attic to ‘breathe’ better, potentially saving energy and money on everyday cooling and long term maintenance.